Berry Garden

Full, berry flavour with intensive red cup colour comes forth from this popular blend of hibiscus flowers, currants, elderberries, blackcurrants and strawberries. Fruity taste without additional flavourings.


hibiscus, currants, elderflower berries, black currants, strawberry pieces

Preperation recommendation

  • 8-9 tsp/l
  • 100 °C
  • 5-8 min
3.20 лв.
5.80 лв.
11.30 лв.
Proportioning 8-9 tsp/l
Time to infuse 5-8 min
Temperature 100 °C
Cup Colour тъмен
Organic No
Mono/Blend Monoblend
Caffeine Free Yes
Flavoured No
Suitable for iced tea No